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A fun and addictive card game! Not just for kids. 

So far we have only played 2 player which is great for a quick game. Can’t wait to have a games night with a group of friends.

This has replaced ‘ticket to ride’ as our favourite game!

Matthew Rawls-Allen


What a fantastic game for our family. 

We have been playing with 2 to 7 adult players and everyone loves it!

So happy to support an Australian family business also. Great response when messaging 🙂

Wendy Purdie


Such a fun and fast-paced game!! 

Every game is different; you never know which color to go for until you get that all-important train card. It’s great playing with a group or even just 2 people.

My daughter and I play it at lightning speed at least 10 times a day. Before school, after school, while eating dinner, before bedtime...you get the idea!!

Marie-Louise Zeevaarder



This is a fun and easy to pick game for all ages. 

We played as a group of adults and are looking forward to playing with a few more next time - easy to create some 'house rules' to change it up if needed.

Megan Rayment 



The kids and I have been playing this for four hours today!

Reminds me a little of Canasta, lots of opportunities to mess with fellow players strategically but also easy enough to speed through fast paced exciting games for my 8 and 10 year olds. 

We watched the video explaining it on YouTube and had it mastered in one hand. 

Highly recommended! Great fun - and a bonus when you collect a station or a train line that you recognise as Melbourne locals!

Kate Runciman