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Samples, Seconds, NQR (Aus only)

For those who know our story well, we started out with 1000 copies of our first edition selling out of our two-bedroom apartment with a newborn on the eve of a global pandemic. 

I’ve just cleaned out a few cupboards at home to find a number of boxes of cards without tins and tins without cards from those early days. 

Rather than send it all to landfill, I’ve matched up tins and cards as best I can and will sell them here until they’ve all gone. 

Games are all full sets but are one of the following:

  • Melbourne tin with Sydney cards
  • London tin with Sydney cards
  • Melbourne tin with Brisbane cards
  • Small number of old-style Sydney tin with Sydney cards

Lucky draw as to which of these you actually receive, but selling cheaply as they mostly aren’t correctly matched up. Every set contains a full set of cards though, so you can definitely play the game. 

No returns on these items. 

Photo above is just for fun. The tin you receive won’t be damaged like this. (We hope.) (That would be a very dreadful trip in the mail!)

Finally, these items are available for postage to Australian addresses only; apologies to our international customers.