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A family game

Husband and wife team Mark and Lauren had been playing card and board games regularly with various groups of friends for some time. One day, driving home from a weekend away, Mark turned to Lauren and said 'I want to make a game that encompasses my favourite elements and leaves out the boring bits.'

Following months of discussion and play testing, The Train Game® was born.

It includes the important things:

  • all of the fun bits that Mark wanted (fast-play, gotcha, suspense, anyone can win, laughter and adrenaline, and a bit of luck)
  • can be taught to anyone (Mark's octogenarian grandparents enjoy it, and we have had reports of children as young as five getting in on the fun too!)
  • doesn't take all day (Lauren's requirement)
  • bright colours and cool characters (also Lauren's requirement)
  • is set in our home town, Melbourne, and is based on the Melbourne Train Network.

The Limited Edition first 1000 copies sold out much faster than anticipated, and with baby Oskar joining our little family company in 2019, our first year was very busy.

We are so grateful to everyone who supported the beginning of our journey and have big plans for 2021 and beyond, with an updated Melbourne edition now available and our first Sydney edition print-run selling out in record time. We've got big plans to add other cities around Australia and the world to the list.

There's only so much that you can share in an 'About Us' section on your website. Check out our blog here for more about our Train Game story.