The Train Game - Melbourne Edition


The Train Game is a fast-paced, ‘take that’ style of card game based on the Melbourne train network. The goal is to collect a full hand of train stations from the same line and the correct train card to go with them.

Along the journey, expect to run into ticket inspectors and undercover ticket inspectors, forcing you to produce a ticket or pay the fine. Players may even be forced to change train lines before it’s too late.

The Train Game only has a handful of rules but is train loads of fun for the whole family, combining elements of strategy, speed, observance, deduction and a bit of luck.

The Train Game includes the following:

  • 154 playing cards (plus quick reference cards)
  • 1 set of rules
  • 1 iron tin (packaging)
  • Fun for the whole family :)

Number of players: 2 - 7

Ages: 7+


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A fun and addictive card game! Not just for kids.

So far we have only played 2 player which is great for a quick game. Can’t wait to have a games night with a group of friends.

This has replaced ‘ticket to ride’ as our favourite game!

Matthew Rawls-Allen 



What a fantastic game for our family.

We have been playing with 2 to 7 adult players and everyone loves it!

So happy to support an Australian family business also. Great response when messaging 🙂

Wendy Purdie



Such a fun and fast-paced game!!

Every game is different; you never know which color to go for until you get that all-important train card. It’s great playing with a group or even just 2 people.

My daughter and I play it at lightning speed at least 10 times a day. Before school, after school, while eating dinner, before get the idea!!

Marie-Louise Zeevaarder



This is a fun and easy to pick game for all ages.

We played as a group of adults and are looking forward to playing with a few more next time - easy to create some 'house rules' to change it up if needed.

Megan Rayment



The kids and I have been playing this for four hours today!

Reminds me a little of Canasta, lots of opportunities to mess with fellow players strategically but also easy enough to speed through fast paced exciting games for my 8 and 10 year olds.

We watched the video explaining it on YouTube and had it mastered in one hand.

Highly recommended! Great fun - and a bonus when you collect a station or a train line that you recognise as Melbourne locals!

Kate Runciman